11 Essential Tips To Keep You In Good Health

Health is a more coveted wealth everyone seeks. Every individual needs a complete physical and mental well-being.

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We learned a proverb in school that says, “Health is wealth”. We may often think that how health could relate to wealth? If our health is affected we should visit a doctor. He may prescribe some medicines and some tests. If he finds any negative results in the lab tests, he advises us to be on medication for months or years or he may ask us to go to a specialist for treatment.

Many of the complications arise due to a poor lifestyle. In our busy schedule, we find no time to do exercises or even eat healthy food. Some of us even skip our meals due to work.

If we keep our health in good condition, no need to visit a doctor or a clinic. If we are in good health, there is no need to buy medicines. If we are in good health we can do our job smartly and can earn good money. Thus health is related to wealth.

Here we are going to see 11 ways that will help us to keep good health.

  1. 1 Balanced Diet

    Health experts say our body needs more than 40 different nutrients. Those 40 nutrients could not be found in any single food. So we have to take a balanced diet which contains as many essential nutrients. We should know about foods and their nutrients count. Also, we need to know the advantages and disadvantages of each and every food.

    We hear so many things about fat and how it relates to cardiovascular diseases. Our body functions with the help of fat. It is essential for us. But too much fat may cause obesity and an ailment of the heart.

    There are two categories of fats. One is saturated fat which is found in animal organs. Another one is unsaturated fat which is found in fish. It is good to have unsaturated fat instead of saturated fat. Eating so much food containing saturated fat may harm our heart. It is always good to boil or steam the meat instead of frying.

    Carbohydrates are also an important nutrient. In the total measure of needed carbohydrates, half the calories should come from foods that are rich in carbohydrates. We can add cereals, rice, and potatoes to our daily diet to get enough carbohydrates.

    Make it a custom to eat food with reduced salt. Intake of more salt in our diet leads to a hike in blood pressure. While the blood pressure is untreated it may cause dangerous problems like heart attack, stroke, etc.,

    To keep the salt in check does not keep salt on your dining table. Avoid any processed and canned food as they have more salt. Even snacks have unsalted nuts.

    Add more fruits and vegetables to your day to day life. Preferring seasonal fruits is a good habit. Fruits contain many nutrients that could boost our immunity. Fruits contain natural carbohydrates. Even snacks prefer dried and unprocessed fruits.

    Do not skip any meal. Eating regularly is a good lifestyle. If you skip any meal that will make you feel hungry and it will lead to overeating. Overeating causes many other health problems like obesity, high blood pressure, etc.,

    It is not advisable to watch television or see mobile phones while eating. Focus on your plate, preferably a smaller one, and eating slowly. Chewing the food thoroughly may help digestion.

    Chatting with others or watching or reading something while eating is not a healthier practice. Taste your food, chew it slowly. That will help you to love eating.

    Don’t skip meals
    Avoid fried and canned foods
    Reduce salt

  2. 2 Healthy Bowel

    Many health issues are related to digestion. If our digestive system functions properly we can live a healthy life. For digestion our body needs fiber. Eating fiber rich foods and drinking more water will avoid constipation.

    If our gut is of good health, there is a bright chance to lead life healthy. So add whole grains like brown rice, millet, quinoa and nuts in your diet. Fruits like pears and berries, coconut, broccoli and chickpeas are also rich in fiber.

    Fiber is the friend of digestion
    Whole grains and fruits contain fiber
    To keep constipation at bay take more fiber rich foods

  3. 3 Stay Active

    If you want to keep good health, stay active. A sedentary lifestyle causes so many health problems. In this technical era, we can get everything at our doorstep. Due to work pressure also we could not move around. But sitting for long hours before the system leads to several diseases.

    There is a story that goes around virally in social media. They interviewed an old man who is celebrating his 100th birthday. The interviewer asked the elderly person what keeps him healthy for a hundred years.

    He answered, “After our marriage, I and my wife made a vow. If anyone commits a mistake that person should admit it and walk for 5 kilometers daily. Our wedding happened 75 years ago. For these 75 years every day, I admit my mistake and walk for 5 kilometers. That keeps me healthy. Even in my 100th year, I am living with good health.”

    So the interviewer asked, “Sir, it is Okay. But how is your wife also with good health?”

    The elderly man replied, “To make sure that whether I am walking for 5 kilometers, she follows me every day.”

    This story taught us that walking is very good for our health. So keep walking whenever we can.

    Experts suggest that in a week’s time at least 150 minutes of physical activity is needed. While in the office you may also use stairs instead of elevators. Make it a habit to use the stairs always. You may also walk around your premises during breaks.

    Avoid sedentary life
    Prefer stairs instead of elevators
    Go by walk wherever you can

  4. 4 Be Hydrated

    Water is more essential for our health. Our body is also made up of water. It is said that 55% of our body is water. If the fluid level of our body is not maintained balanced several health problems will arise. It is necessary to be hydrated in all seasons.

    Water flushes the toxins from our body and keeps it healthy. So water intake is a vital parameter for a healthy life. Drink plenty of water every day. Experts suggest that one adult drinks 2 to 3 liters of water daily. At least drinking 1.5-liter water is mandatory.

    In the rainy or winter season, there will be no thirst and we do not drink water. This causes an imbalance of fluid levels in our bodies. In those situations try to drink warm water and squeeze a lemon into the water and drink.

    Fresh fruit juices are good for health. Natural drinks like tender coconut can help to maintain a balanced fluid level. It is believed in Japan water therapy can help to shed kilos. It is none other than to drink water in the early morning.

    In the place of water or fresh fruit juice never drink sweetened drinks. Avoid preserved juices. These will never help to protect your health but will spoil it.

    Drink more water
    Fresh fruit juices are good
    Avoid artificially flavored drinks

  5. 5 Sleep Well

    We may think that healthy food and water can contribute much to our well being. But good sleep is also essential for our health. If we are not sleeping enough time our body’s health gets affected. It is mandatory to sleep at least 8 hours a day.

    When we sleep, the body does some critical functions. As we are tired after a whole day of work our body restores energy while we are sleeping. Body tissues have been repaired during sleep and our brain gets refreshed for new thoughts.

    Somebody says, if you fall asleep in the day it is a physical problem; if you could not sleep in the night it is a psychological problem. So keep calm your mind while going to bed.

    To have a goodnight’s sleep, one hour before going to bed avoid watching television or any other electronic gadgets like mobile phones. This will help our brain to get ready for sleep.

    Do not drink coffee or tea before you go to bed. Foods or drinks that contain caffeine shall affect sleep.

    Unplug your gadgets an hour before you sleep
    Do not drink coffee after supper
    Sleep 8 hours

  6. 6 Time to Relax

    Being overloaded with work or with worries we cannot live a healthier life. Family and friends are given to us to share our happiness to multiply them and worries to diminish them.

    We have to dedicate time to spend with our family. Being with family, the atmosphere changes to relax from hectic work. By indulging in conversation with family members our mind can shift from official pressure. Plan to spend time or to go for an outing with family.

    Like this, allocate time for friends too. Monotonous work situations may put heavy pressure on our minds. If we spend some time with our friends, who are from different fields our atmosphere gets changed. That change can help us to feel lighter.

    A family outing is the best way to avoid stress
    Never allow your worries to overpower you
    Spend time with friends

  7. 7 Learn New Things

    Learning is a continuous process. It never ends. Learning is a happy experience too. While learning new things our brain is more active. It reflects in our minds too. Learning refreshes our minds.

    For months and years, we are doing the same thing. We are going to the same office or doing the same type of job. Even though some change their offices, their job will be the same. Doing the same thing for years makes us tired.

    There are so many opportunities to learn new things. We can learn new languages, play some musical instruments, gardening, indoor games, etc. When we are learning new things our brain starts to work in a different aspect and deviates from our routine work. This type of focus shift refreshes our minds.

    Learning new things gives us more confidence and makes us feel happy. If our minds are joyful blood pressure will never rise to alarming levels and so our heart will be in good health.

    Do not stick with the same pattern
    Learn new things
    Have at least one hobby

  8. 8 Quit Smoking

    As the lifestyle is getting changed, the habit of smoking can be found everywhere. Whatever may be their belief, it is harmful to overall health. Those who want to lead a healthy life should quit smoking without any second thought.

    Tobacco is harmful to one who is smoking and it will also affect others as second hand. The heart rate and blood pressure of the smokers are at a high level. There is so much carbon monoxide present in their blood. Smokers experience shortness of breath and coughing. They are always vulnerable to stroke, coronary heart diseases, and cancer.

    The cessation of smoking helps to improve one’s health in different aspects. His/Her life expectancy will be longer. There is a chance for a male smoker to be affected with impotence. Female who is addicted to smoking may experience difficulty in pregnant, premature birth, low birth weight children, and miscarriage.      

    To live longer quit smoking
    Smoking affected children also as second-hand victims
    Smoking may cause impotency

  9. 9 Regular Sex

    Many of us think that “Healthy people are good at sex.” But, if you want to lead a healthy life, keeping your sex life active is the truth we need to know. Enjoying with your partner in bed is the key to your health.

    Studies state that people who have sex once or twice in a week’s time have a boost in their immunity. While involving in sex many of our organs and muscles are being used. Sex is considered a good exercise. During sex, we lose 5 calories per minute, which is 4 calories / per minute more than watching television.

    Sex keeps your blood pressure in control. Sex helps you to balance the level of estrogen and testosterone. If any one of these is low it will lead to many ailments like osteoporosis and heart disease.

    Sex is a very good exercise
    During sex many of our muscles are active
    Sex keeps estrogen and testosterone at balanced

  10. 10 Peace of Mind

    Meditation is a way of life that trains the mind. If one can control his / her mind, he/she is a strong person. Many health problems have underlying causes that are related to emotions. Any attempt to calm the mind can surely help to protect our health.

    There are many scientific reasons behind meditation that help to lead a healthy life by keeping the mind in peace. The people who do meditation relieve the stress of his / her mind. Stress is the sole cause of many heart diseases. So if we protect ourselves from being stressed we can lead a healthy life.

    By doing meditation one can deal with his / her mind and get liberty from bad habits. De-addict from bad habits will surely help one’s healthy life.

    Stress is the main cause of heart problems
    Meditation helps us to relieve stress
    Avoid bad habits with the help of meditation

  11. 11 Regular Check-up

    Even though we are very concerned about our own health and keep a much-tracked lifestyle, medical supervision is necessary to monitor our overall health. While living a well-planned life, visit your doctor now and then. Your doctor will advise tests to monitor your blood sugar, pressure, and heart rate. It is always to check our parameters regularly.

    Do health check-up regularly
    Visit your doctor for advice


    “A sound mind in a sound body” is a proverb. We should have physical and emotional health. If we physically fit it is easy to keep our minds healthy. So stick to the given ways and keep yourself in good health.

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