10 Tips For Busy Parents To Build Better Bond With Your Kids

Are you feeling difficult to spend time with your kids in your busy career life? In this post, I am going to share 10 Tips on how you can make time for your kids.

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            As a working parent, initially I found very difficult to spend time with my kids. This is the same case in most of the parents. We lack spending time with our kids and just go on with our busy career life and there is gap between us and our kids.

            I know it’s too hard to make up time. But ‘Family Time is Important For Bonding’  and if you can spare few minutes with your children daily, you can build better bond with your kids and have a good relationship with them.

           Let me share you 10 tips on how you can really spend valuable time  with your kids.

* Eat atleast one meal per day with your kids.

* Pray together as a family before going to bed everyday.

* Spend time to listen to your kids after you come from your work.

* Call them once or twice from your workplace during the break.

* Let your children help you in various tasks once in a while at home.

* Help your kids in doing their assignments by taking turns.

* Watch Television along with your kids for few minutes. 

 * Play games with your kids in the weekend.

* Take your kids for a park on a holiday.

* Keep away the cell phone while talking to your kids.

  1. 1 Eat Atleast One Meal Per Day With Your Kids

    Having a meal every day with your kids helps in:

    1. Physical Health: Kids who eat with their families are exposed to a wider variety of foods and become less picky.

    2. Mental And Emotional Health :

     * kids who eat with parents can understand the parent's taste and their favorite foods. The attention and care by parents can build a better bond with the kids.

    * Kids build greater self-esteem and parents are able to role model healthy behaviors, whether it's choosing nutritious foods or problem solving a conflict.

    * Kids and teens who eat family meals may earn a higher grades in school, experience fewer symptoms of depression, and are less likely to engage in high-risk behaviour like drug use.

    * Tiny Tots can develop language and social skills.

  2. 2 Pray Together As A Family.

    How can Family prayer help your children

     -Family prayer inspires grateful hearts: Giving thanks helps us realise how much God blesses us. Praising God helps children learn that God is real, powerful, and loving.

    -Family prayer communicates spirituality.

    -Family Prayer builds bonds with one another and God.

    -Family Prayer promotes good health.

    -Family Prayer opens hearts to forgiveness in the family.

    -Family Prayer unites across differences.

    -Family Prayer teaches children to seek God first.

    -Family Prayer makes faith a priority.

    -Family Prayer develops God's perspective.

  3. 3 Spend Time To Listen To Your Kids.

            When a child feels listened to, he is more likely to listen, and having been understood, he will understand your point of view as well. It helps parents and children form stronger bonds and relationships and builds their self esteem.

             Talking and listening to your child holds a lot of importance as it helps your child build a bond with you and develops his trust. It improves the bonding in a relationship and builds a child's confidence.

  4. 4 Call Your Kids From Your Workplace.

              Though we as parents are busy, we can take time and stay connected to our kids and make them a priority in our lives. 

    Below I am sharing a list of how to be connected with your kids.

    * Be Available. They may suddenly call for some reason.

    * Express your care towards them and say "I Love You"

    * Find out whether they had their lunch and snacks.

    * Though you are bit tensed, do not show anger on your kids.

    * Speak lovingly and positively.

  5. 5 Let Your Children Help You In Various Tasks.

               Helping each other develop a sense of responsibility. It also increases love between children and parents and creates unity among family members.

              Working together can give a special kind of joy when you share not the wisdom of words but the wisdom of the lives and wisdom of your skills.

  6. 6 Help your kids in doing their assignments.

            Parents are so busy that they do not get time to help the child with their Homework.

    It is Parent's responsibility to support their kids throughout their schooling and helping them with Homework is a part of life.

            It is important to spend time making sure your child is coping with their assignments.

    But children who have completed their schooling can do it by themselves but sometimes you can help them in difficult subjects.

            You can take turns as a mother and father and help your kids. Doing this can help your child to become more confident and have a better bond with you. Helping your kids with their homework keeps you connected with them.

  7. 7 Watch Television Along With Your Kids.

              Watching Television can be an important part of family interaction. Shared television viewing among parents and children is a way for family members to bond with each other and gives parents something to talk about with their children.

             Providing valuable family time provides a reason for families to spend time together. Setting aside some of those hours specifically for family viewing encourages interaction, connection, and togetherness.

  8. 8 Play Games With Your Kids.

            Playing with a child involves actively observing, listening, supporting, talking, and understanding. It also helps them develop the skills they need for social life and self control skills.

    • Play helps build strong relationships. Playing together is one of the most effective tools for building strong...
    • If you make it fun, you will forge deep bonds with your kids by playing with them.
  9. 9 Take Your Kids For A Park On A Holiday.

                 Kids today are spending way too much time indoors, between computer and technology. For a better quality family time, it's good that you take your kids to park.

    While kids feel connected with nature at a park, it also brings quality family time. ...

                 4 other benefits of taking your children to the park are:

    1. Social Skills: Children being around other children at a park or another outdoor setting is a great way for kids to practice their social skills. They learn to play in a group setting, waiting for their turn and learn values, lessons about sharing.

    2. Vitamin D: Vitamin D deficiency for children is because they are not exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D deficiencies are one of the most frequently diagnosed vitamin deficiencies, and many doctors relate this directly to children being cooped up indoors.

    3. Mental Health: Kids are stressed because of the demands of school, parents, and friends. A trip to the park or outside is a great way for your young ones to release some of this built up energy and reduce their stress levels.

    4. Physical Fitness: Allowing kids to run free, jump, and the climb is a great way for kids to get the exercise they need to stay healthy.

  10. 10 Keep Away The Cell Phone While Talking To Your Kids.

              Present days, parents and children are busy with cell phones. They made cell phones as their friend. Phones are bringing a large gap between parents and children and parents are losing bonding with their kids. 

              Can you regain the bond which has been lost? It's all in your hands. At least keep away phones while spending time with your kids. Children will share everything with you, once you are ready to listen to them. That's how you can build a better bond with your kids.

              Hope these 10 tips will definitely help you as a parent. 


    I would like to conclude with a small story about a child.

             One day, a teacher tells the students to write an essay on the topic "What do you want to become".

             After writing, all the students submitted their papers to the teacher. And the teacher got those papers home for correction.

            While she was correcting a paper, tears fell from her eyes. Her husband was watching all this and asked "Why was she weeping". She couldn't tell a word. She showed that paper to her husband. 

            It was written as "I want to become a cell phone. If I become a cell phone, I can always be in my mom's and dad's hands. They carry the cell phone always with them and spend time with it and I  can always  be in their hands.............."

             After reading, both husband and teacher started weeping and realised that the same thing was happening in their home. 

             So, think and act to build a better bond with your kids. 

    If these tips are helpful, do comment and like.

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