10 Steps To Achieve Success With A Positive Mindset

How to not frown, on the journey of wearing a crown....

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We have all learned about the clichéd ways to succeed in life. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with it, but how does one stay positive throughout this journey? In fact, how important is the journey as compared to the destination? Here, we dive into how one can “grab it” without shelling some precious tears. 

1. Inner Calling

“You are what you think” what this means is- you need to manifest your mind into thinking that you are one successful and empowered entrepreneur who will leave no stones unturned to achieve what they want. You can practice this by spending time tapping into your intuitions or by journaling each day. Write down the things you believe in. Describe how you see yourself- a powerful, dynamic person who is on a winning journey. Influence yourself into believing that you deserve the best, ’cause that’s how you become the best. 

2. Brownie Points, Please? 

Incentives are a great way to keep up the spirits while working hard. Rewards yourself for smaller tasks, instead of waiting for the one big accomplishment. Think about the stakes that hold on missing out on the tasks but think positively instead of going down a negative rabbit hole. Moreover, ensure that the tasks you set are “points” worthy. If you reward yourself for every little thing that you do, chances are, that you’ll feel like you have accomplished a lot in the day without necessarily doing anything productive. 

3. Keep The Passion Going 

One of the most heard problems of the success journey is getting tired of working on the same thing each day. Your idea might seem redundant after a while, and you may also feel a creator’s block. How do you overcome this? One way is to start your day with meditation and visualize what the end goal will look like. Talk to yourself about how far you’ve come and how soon you’ll get to the end. Additionally, keep adding positive information about your idea to your journal. A fresh perspective, a new advancement, or an encouraging comment made by a colleague, whatever gets you going, pen it down.  

4. Be Your Own Benchmark 

Set goals for yourself and accomplish them at your own pace. Remember that you are competing with yourself and no one else. Right down unique qualities about yourself in your journal as a reminder about what makes you stand out. Your journey will be a lot more different from others, so will be the length and the method around it. The goals you have will be customized to this unique journey, and so will the accomplishments. 

5. 5 Seconds Shift

In case you feel hesitation before doing a task, you need to do a physical 5 seconds shift to reset your body. Get up and walk around the room, do 50 jumping jacks, have a glass of water, or simply close your eyes, and do a countdown- do something that works best for you. These 5 seconds shift will help you make things feel shorter, enabling you to finish tasks quicker. It’ll also help you jump from one activity to another, especially on long tiring days. Your laptop needs a reset once a while, and so do you. 

6. Winning Attitude

A winner’s attitude is always different from the participants. A winner believes that they can win. You need to have a winner’s perspective too. Wake up each day, look into the mirror, and call yourself a winner. Think about the things you’d do as one. The confidence, the humbleness, the spark in the eyes should start to show while you’re on the journey. Talk to the people around you as though you are a successful entrepreneur. You don’t have to be arrogant about it, but you must definitely be charming. Manipulate your mind into believing that the win is yours. 

7. Humour

Tickling your funny bone once in a while is essential when you’re on a long road. If you have a few declines here and there, your humor is going to help you get back on your feet. Try to find something funny in every serious situation and lighten up the mood, not just for yourself but also for your colleagues. In fact, in your personal space, have people that have a sense of humor; these are the ones who will catch you when you fall and applaud when you stand right back up. 

8. Overcoming Fear

Stepping out of your comfort zone is not always easy, but it also makes you a powerful entrepreneur. To become an influential person, you need to give the people a quality about you that they look up to. Nothing speaks louder than courage. Each weekend, work on one of these fears. Write about it in your journal and describe how you felt. Some of them could even be personal ones, like overcoming the fear of darkness, perhaps. Doing it in a group or with a close buddy might also help and will be an excellent team-building exercise. 

9. Milestones 

Another great hack towards positivity is to have milestones. Have milestones that are practical and also the ones that are a little over the top. The practical ones will keep you motivated, and the “over the top” ones will give you something to work on regularly. Discuss your milestone with a friend or a mentor and ask them if they are reasonable enough. Track this in your diary and take out time to process how you have been doing. For every milestone that you’ve reached, you may also have a little celebration. 

10. Purpose 

Lastly, it’s crucial to remind yourself of the purpose each day. Keep the destination in mind. Take a photo of it and stick it up on your wall. You need to be focused on your purpose and also question it now and then. Ask yourself questions like, “What is the purpose of my idea?”, “Who is it going to benefit?”, “How happy is my business making me?”. Such questions will make you rethink the significant decisions that you make and choose your next step carefully.  


Your mind is a very powerful magnet. If you believe you are in control of what you think,  you are in control. You will then be in control of your thoughts, and you become what you think. This is the super secret to success. 

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